Having a break over the summer can be a fantastic way to unwind, remove that stress and have you feeling fresh, renewed and ready to go again. But how are you going to keep hold of those feelings in the weeks and months ahead?

In this blog, I want to talk through some of the ways you can keep that sense of renewal going by making some changes in your business that’ll help you feel refreshed and raring to go for longer.

Keep focused

I don’t know about you but it’s often when I’m on holiday relaxing that I’ll get a brainwave of how to improve my business. It might be doing something differently, offering something new, updating your website, or marketing.

But then, by the time I’ve got home and settled back down into my business and I’m caught up with all the outstanding tasks from my time away, that focus has disappeared and the ideas that seemed so great on holiday are suddenly another chore to add to the to-do list.

A great way to keep that focus is to create a vision board before you get back to the daily grind. Take that holiday feeling and use it to create the vision you want to see for your business (and life) in the future, incorporate those brainwaves you’ve had, picture how once implemented they’ll improve your business and create some intentions of how you’re going to get there.

Instead of things feeling like a chore, you’ll feel focused and ready to jumpstart your business again and it’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Keep things fresh

One of those things that can quickly zap us of that holiday time energy is getting back to our everyday surroundings. This is especially the case if you work from a spare room, or back office in your business premises.

One of the best ways to stop this from happening is to freshen up your surroundings when you get home. Consider touching things up with some paint (even changing the colour scheme completely!), adding some pictures of your time away, and making your working space feel new and different.

Having a refresh like this can help you keep those holiday feelings for much longer and give you that much-needed boost to stay focused and have a great start back at work.

For me, my workspace has to feel like me so I have crystals, buddhas, words of affirmation and my amazing salt lamp surrounding me.  I also have cards from grateful clients that help to remind me how awesome I am!

Make way for the new by outsourcing the old

When you’re tired of the same old tasks in your business and you’d much rather focus on those new ideas or simply doing what you do best, outsourcing to a virtual administrator can help.

By having a VA take on those energy-draining tasks so you don’t have to do them, you’re able to feel refreshed and renewed for much longer. You can even get started with outsourcing before you go on holiday, so your return to work gets off to the best start possible.

Tasks I can help you with include:

Diary management – managing your diary, scheduling appointments on your behalf, setting up automated diary systems and keeping you filled in on your schedule can help you free up time to focus on your business.

Email management – clearing unnecessary emails, putting emails into folders so you can find what you need quickly and easily, responding to questions, enquiries and alerting you to emails you need to take care of quickly can help you to keep the focus on the tasks that matter to you within your business.

General admin – fed up with that never-ending paperwork? Admin isn’t a fun task to come home to after your holiday, so why not let me do it? (psst. I’ll let you into a secret, I actually love taking care of admin!, it’s what lights me up)

Research projects – got a brainwave you want to make a reality but have no idea (or time) to get started with it? I can help with researching the details and gathering more information so you can take the idea further.

These are just a few of the tasks I can help you with as a VA, so get in touch with me today if there’s something you want to outsource but don’t see listed here.

Outsourcing aspects of your business to a complete stranger can feel scary, I don’t think you’d be human if it didn’t! But why not take the plunge and try something new? Much like your holiday, it’ll help you feel fresh, renewed and ready to go with the aspects of your business you love, with the safe knowledge that everything else is in a safe pair of professional hands.