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Course Management and Admin Services

Are you tired of spending endless time managing your training courses and fielding questions from your students?

Did you know that as a virtual administrator I can help you manage your courses and any related admin tasks? Leaving you free to create and inspire your students.

Working with me you will be provided with bespoke, high-quality support for your coaching or training programmes. With experience across a variety of course platforms such as GiraffePad, Kajabi, New Zenler and Learndash. Hiring me to support you with course management and admin enables you to focus more time, energy and resources on your course content and tuition.

I started working with Zita a couple of years ago after my training business went completely virtual with the pandemic. It was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. There’s a lot of admin with virtual delivery – pre course emails/files/links. Post session recordings and follow ups to be done.  Participants have issues – can’t find the files/links etc. I have handed most of that over to Zita and what a joy that has been.  I know that when I ask her to do something – it will be done and done well. She handles all my course setup on my learning platform (GiraffePad)

 She looks after my customers as if they were hers.  If they have queries about the course – she will often answer them before I do and better.  She schedules and organizes my social media for me., she updates my email lists for me. I know if I ask her to whip up a quick infographic for a customer – as I did recently – she will do a great job.  I call her my Admin Queen and I love her – not in a weird way though. If you are a trainer and you love what you do but find the whole admin thing a giant PITA – hire Zita. You will not regret it.

Anne Walsh

The Excel Lady

What are the benefits of hiring a VA for course management?

There are several benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you manage your course, including:

Expertise: I have over 30 years’ experience in course management and admin, from set up and uploading content through to student support.

Flexibility: I can work as much as you need me to – whether that’s as a one-off project to help you set-up and launch your course through to working on a retainer basis for on-going support. This means you get the help you need, when you need it!

Cost-effective: Do you really have the time to spend learning how to use a learning platform, setting things up, enrolling students, and responding to queries?

Outsourcing to a VA will you help you spend less time on your course so you can focus on other revenue based activities.

Zita has helped me run my 8 week, multi-university women’s development programme from start (onboarding participants) through maintaining registers and to the end via evaluations and summaries. This has required her to use multiple platforms and nudge me with helpful reminders to ensure everything stays on track. Zita is always so friendly and professional when working with me, my participants and my clients – I wouldn’t be without her!

Emma Williams

EJW Solutions Ltd

How I can help you to deliver your courses today

So, you’re probably wondering what I can actually help you with, so here’s the low-down on my course management and admin services.

I can help you with:

  • Preparing and uploading content to your preferred learning platform
  • Keeping course content up to date
  • Setting up and sending out course recordings
  • Student enrolment on to courses
  • Sending student reminders
  • Responding to emails from students
  • Creating student newsletters
  • Scheduling and managing your course calendar
  • Other related admin tasks like data entry, research, and record keeping

If you need help with a particular aspect of your course management and you don’t see it listed here, just get in touch and I’m sure I’ll be able to help

Ready to get started?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact me now to arrange a complimentary chat to discuss your needs and determine the best way I can support you.
  2. I’ll provide a proposal outlining the scope of my services and how much it’ll cost.
  3. Once you agree to the proposal, I’ll get to work, collaborating with you to manage your courses.

Ready to take your courses to the next level? Contact me today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how I can help you to achieve more with your online courses.