What Others Say

Testimonials from our clients

Zita is a great asset to my team. She is always very helpful and available to not only do any jobs but to help give advice as well. She is very quick to answer any queries and does all my tasks to time and very efficiently. Zita has taken all the time-consuming admin away from my business so I can concentrate on doing what I love and need to do for my business. It’s been a time and energy-saving experience. It’s also great to have another person to work with in my business. I feel complete!”

Gayle Berry

Blossom & Berry

“I just want to pop on and say a big Thankyou to Zita Lewis, she’s only just started to help me within my business and what an amazing star and asset she is going to be too!I ’m sorry Gayle I stalled on this and my only regret is not doing it sooner, I know why you rave about her now! Such a lovely lady. After a meltdown yesterday over a few things, Zita came to my rescue this morning with a lovely chat. I honestly don’t know why I was stalling when it came to asking Zita for help, admin, technology and all that jazz baffle me. Zita has just been amazingly patient with me and my unorganised admin and tech, it’s only the beginning but I’m so pleased to have her on board to help me. Now hopefully I concentrate on doing the things I truly love once more as my poor classes have taken a backseat, but then this afternoon I’ve just had four bookings for valentines yay! Don’t be like me ladies, ask for help and yes Zita I won’t be afraid to ask now you may get fed up of me haha.”

Claire Holness

Sweet Beginnings Baby Care

“Hi ladies – just wanted to say how awesome Zita Lewis and her VA support service is. Despite me being a bit disorganised 🙈 and scrabbling around last minute for all the bits and pieces I wanted her to do, she has done it all in double quick time and saved me soooo much headache in getting it done! It’s making me focus more on what really needs doing and whether I’m wasting my time on some bits and pieces, and Zita is just so efficient! Thank you lovely lady!”

Corinna Nicol

The Mummy Circle

I approached Zita as I was struggling to get my newsletter sent out to my list. I had no time and desperately needed accountability to write it. 

Zita completed the newsletter setup well within the agreed timeframe, demonstrating her commitment to delivering high-quality work promptly. She responded to my queries quickly while keeping me informed throughout the entire process.  

Her expertise, professionalism, and exceptional customer service has made my newsletter setup experience incredibly smooth and stress-free. I wholeheartedly recommend Zita’s services to anyone in need of assistance with Mailerlite or any other related tasks. Her remarkable skills and dedication make her an invaluable asset.”

Vicki Gray

Blumango Creative

“Zita is an amazing support for my business. She is efficient and proactive. I know I can rely on her to prompt me when I am in danger of forgetting things and gets tasks and projects completed in a timely manner. If she doesn’t know something I can rely on her to find solutions! She communicates well, ensuring she has understood my needs. Thanks Zita for your ongoing support.”

Wendy Capewell

The Relationship Specialist

“One of the best investments in my business. What Zita does for my sanity is incredible! Productivity is up and stress is most certainly down. Nothing is too challenging an always service with a smile. Bless, she really does have to deal with some unstructured work as I’m often sending requests over on the move and as such, they are not always clearly articulated. I’ve never received a snotty or snarky response to any of these. Absolute gem!

Lovelda Vincenzi

Owner and Founder of World Class Female Speakers

Video testimonial from Shelley Fishel of Tomorrows VA

“I have been working with Zita for a few months now. Zita has been managing my social media and doing a fantastic job. Zita has also helped with scheduling my weekly newsletters – when I get them to her 😊 and generally keeps on top of it all. Thanks Zita for a fab job.”

Shelley Fishel

Owner of Tomorrow’s VA

“I have found the VA (virtual assistant) services of Zita invaluable. She has done a myriad of tasks for me: updated websites, set up courses, created events – all of which I was procrastinating about and putting off. It gives me huge peace of mind to know that I can ask Zita to do something for me and it will be done – quicker and more efficiently than I would have done it. She’s an absolute jewel and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Anne Walsh

The Excel Lady

“I first starting working with Zita just over 2 years ago when I was looking for an associate VA for my business. She has been a fantastic asset to my team supporting my clients with social media content creation and email marketing. No task has ever been too much and Zita has always been able to manage her own time and work on her own initiative.

This year I took 3 months out to go travelling and without a doubt I knew that Zita would be the VA I needed for my business. She has been the first point of contact for my clients, has helped with the backend processes I needed in place and helped me become more organised. She is super organised, works on her own initiative and is always making suggestions on how I can do things better. I would highly recommend Zita to any business owner who needs support as she is amazing!”

Sarah Banks

Banks' Business Solutions

“Zita undertook a project for me in spring 2016. The quality of work was really excellent and without us even meeting we were able to develop an effective way of communicating that enabled the work to get done with ease. Zita was flexible in terms of the style and finishes that I wanted, and was able to meet the timetable that we established. The best thing about this service for me, was the flexibility and speed, and the fact that I felt we had a positive working relationship within our first communications. I would definitely work with Zita again.”

Nicky Brodie

Oxfordshire County Council

“As a busy VA myself, like the many business owners finding the time for my own marketing and communication can be incredibly difficult. Either the time is there but the brain cells are dead or the brain is full of ideas but no time to get them out!

Then I came across Zita, the VAs’ VA and I asked Zita if she could help me with writing for my own business. Zita is very professional and took the time to understand my style and has written exactly as if it were coming from me. I provide the ideas, Zita does the rest!

I am really happy to be working with Zita and have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Nina Robbins

Small business-friendly virtual assistant, PA, office administrator

“Zita is focused, a doer and an absolute asset to my team. She has been a part of my team for over a year now and I can highly recommend her to any VAs looking for consistent and reliable support. No job is too big or too small for Zita. She is friendly, approachable and gets the job done. I look forward to a continuing working       relationship!”

Charlotte Wibberley

Entrepreneur, Outsourcing Expert, Supporter of Women in Business, Co-Founder & Director of APVA.

“Zita has been a huge asset whilst working with us. She has provided excellent administrative support to a geographically dispersed team who deliver a wide range of activity. Zita took time to understand the business which enabled her to provide efficient and effective support throughout the time she worked with us. Her communication was always clear and helpful and work was always delivered to time”.   

Some feedback from individual team members:

“By helping out with local research and booking meetings, Zita’s support has freed up  time for me to spend on building personal contacts and development work.”

“Zita was a very flexible asset and able to deal competently with numerous, varied requests.  Her responsiveness and helpfulness were much appreciated.”

Shirley Jones

Head of Information and Support, Parkinson’s UK

“I would highly recommend Zita, she was my Administrator for several years and is a skilled and competent professional.”

Claire Dowan

Former CEO, Base 33 Youth Charity

“Zita is organised, efficient and dependable. She has a good sense of humour and a willingness to adapt processes and procedures to match requirements, as the company grows and develops. During my and her time at Softlink Europe she was an extremely valuable presence, building and maintaining good working relationships with staff, clients and suppliers.”

Iain Dunbar

VP Operations, UK & EMEA at LAC Group

“A big thank you to Zita Lewis for a fantastic job! She  has been so helpful over the last few months whether for advice and information or more recently for a ‘refurb’ of my business website. Always responsive and efficient, I would certainly recommend her.”

Jill Whaley

Palettes de Gascogne

“As CEO of a small Charity with little infrastructure Zita has worked hard to help develop the necessary processes and systems. She is efficient and very importantly gets the job done! She is very able and capable of taking on tasks assigned to her. I highly recommend Zita”

Wendy Dawson

CEO, Base 33 Youth Charity

“I was introduced to Zita though a fellow VA as I had an immediate job from a regular client and didn’t have the capacity. Zita was absolutely brilliant and the short-notice didn’t faze her in the slightest. She was friendly, professional and completed the job quickly. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and if any VA’s out there need someone they can trust and depend on to work efficiently, then Zita’s your lady! Thanks for your help!”

Sarah Harris, UK Trade & Investment Services at EY

Sarah Harris, UK Trade & Investment Services at EY