Marketing a health and wellness business can feel tricky at times. It’s an incredibly competitive environment with many other business owners offering the same services as you, to the same audience. So, how can you effectively promote your business while remaining authentic and focused on those needing your help?

Know your unique selling point (USP)

Selling “good health” is a difficult concept (particularly for those of us in the UK) as it’s something we’d normally use the NHS for. Except that’s where your unique selling position lies – it’s increasingly becoming the case that waiting lists and lack of availability on the NHS means people are having to go private to improve their health and wellness.

So, your USP is being able to offer what your potential clients don’t have easy access to. What this means for you is going to be determined by what you offer, its benefits and the target audience you’re aiming for.

It might be a case that your clients have tried everything available on the NHS and it hasn’t worked so they’re looking for something new. An example of this might be hypnosis for weight management or to give up smoking.

It may be the case that the waiting times are too long, for instance, if they have chronic pain and the pain management referral takes a year or more. Your audience wants to reduce their pain now and so they’re looking for what’s available to them.

Truly understanding your USP and how it relates to your client’s needs is vital for a successful marketing campaign.

Have a website and make sure it’s ranking well on Google

We’re all so used to going online to find information about our health. Whether it’s to check a new symptom or to understand a condition we’ve just been diagnosed with – Google is often the first point of call.

That means you need to be on Google. Having a website is essential when you work in the health and wellness space. Your audience is looking for information that you are credible, have the skills and professional training they’d expect for someone working in the health industry, that you are a member of an accountable body and that you have testimonials from happy clients reinforcing that yes, you really can help them.

We all know that doctors, dentists and other health professionals have to undertake years of training and be registered with a professional body to be able to look after us. Your audience needs the same reassurances from you and your website is the best place to host this information.

Google, however, is on the lookout for fake medical websites and those that sell snake oil cures and as such can be quite harsh in terms of ranking factors. This might mean you’re struggling to rank your website well. An effective SEO campaign that ensures your website meets Google’s standards may very well be necessary to appear on the first page or two.

Put out reliable and relevant information

Both your potential clients and Google are looking for regular, high-quality content from you that demonstrates your expertise and knowledge in the area. This is your opportunity to share what you know and foster confidence that you really do have the skills to help them with their health and wellbeing.

Blog articles, podcasts, webinars, etc are all good content to be sharing often as part of your marketing strategy, Make sure they are directly relevant to the services you offer within your business, the more you can niche down and be specific the better.

Always link to scientific studies, contemporary research, changes in guidance for treating certain conditions wherever you can. This shows that your practice is evidence-based and that you’re keeping up to date with the latest research.

If what you do falls outside of the scope of current scientific research, discuss why this is the case and share case studies and testimonials that reinforce what you’re saying instead.

Don’t be afraid to network

Talking to people and sharing what you do is one of the strongest forms of marketing for a health and wellness business. We’ve all had those bad doctor and dentist experiences, so we’re eager to hear recommendations of the good professionals to look after us and the same concept applies here.

Word of mouth marketing is important, so even though those networking events may fill you with dread, even if they lead to just one new client that may pave the way for many more.

Social media marketing is a great way to network with others through Facebook groups, Instagram and even Tik Tok. Collaborating with other business owners and hosting a Facebook live Q&A about what you do is a great way to get noticed in an authentic and genuine way all in the comfort of your own home or business premises.

The key takeaway from this blog is to be confident that you’re good at what you do, you have the training, skills and expertise to be doing it and you really do help people with their health and wellness. Keeping this in mind and sharing that as authentically as you can in the ways described above will help you to promote your business and attract new clients with ease.

If you need assistance with anything I’ve highlighted above then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re ready and able to help with your marketing needs.