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How to be more productive this summer

The summer is just around the corner which means longer, hopefully, sun-filled, days and warmer temperatures are on their way. Just because there’s more time in the day doesn’t mean you have to spend it doing things you don’t enjoy like sorting out your email inbox, researching for projects and keeping your website updated.

In this blog, I want to discuss how you can make the most of your summer this year, not by working harder but by being savvy in how you manage and outsource your to-do list.

Do what you enjoy in your business

Life is just too short (and so is the summer) to spend our working days on tasks we simply don’t enjoy. It’s not just that dull tasks can make a lovely hot and sunny day feel drab and miserable but they can steal away our motivation and energy too.

By focusing on the tasks you do enjoy and remembering why you started your business, you’ll feel energised, and focused and will take more delight in what you do. These feelings won’t just help you to be more productive but your clients will be able to sense your enjoyment and share these positive vibes too. It’s a basic rule of the law of attraction.

So, to be productive this summer and be back at home in plenty of time for a glass of wine in the garden, you need to organise your tasks into those you enjoy and those you don’t. Take a few minutes now to jot down your business tasks and put a smiley face 😀 next to the ones you love to do and a frowny face 😫 next to the ones you hate. You might be surprised by the results!

The most hated business tasks

Research conducted in 2020 into the most hated tasks by office workers found data entry, managing emails and filing digital documents came up as the top three most hated tasks, with invoice management and compiling reports following closely after.

There are some striking similarities to what I hear my clients tell me they hate to work on as a business owner, with inbox management, data entry and general admin the tasks that I’m frequently asked to help with. It shouldn’t be all that surprising really, most of us left employment so we could avoid the jobs we hate to do. It just so happens that I love doing the tasks most people hate!

So, what happens to those tasks you hide beneath a pile of paperwork and drop to the bottom of your to-do list?

Outsourcing to a Virtual Administrator can take away the pain

You have two choices when dealing with those energy-draining tasks you don’t enjoy. You can put them off until you have no choice but to do them resulting in you feeling miserable and having to delay the tasks you do enjoy, or you can outsource them to a VA to take care of them for you.

Back-office tasks aren’t for everyone, whether it’s because they’re boring, take too long, or because they require expertise you just don’t have the time to master. And that’s ok. Just because you are a business owner doesn’t mean that you have to do everything. The art of delegation is taught to managers and you are managing your own business, so it can be a good thing for you to practise too.

By outsourcing to a trusted and experienced VA, you make more quality time to focus on developing your business with the security of knowing that the back-office, marketing and customer-based tasks are taken care of in the background.

Virtual Administrators love the jobs you hate

A Virtual Administrator like myself enjoys the tasks you don’t. We’ve developed the skills and expertise over numerous years to be able to efficiently and effectively tackle these tasks, often in half the time it might take you and we have access to the tools and apps that might be too costly for you to invest in.

In a nutshell, outsourcing to a VA can be cost-effective for your business as we are able to blitz through your tasks while you’re focusing on the work that brings in the revenue and enables your business to grow.

Spending those summer days making hay by doing what you love sounds good to you, doesn’t it? So, why not get in touch with me today to discuss how I can take those dull and dreary tasks off your plate so you can focus on what you do best and be home in time for a relaxing evening in your garden.