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We’ve known for a long time that the Moon is a powerful influence on our lives. Not only does it control the tides and affect our menstrual cycle but farmers have been planting crops and harvesting them at particular times of the moon cycle to get the best produce for centuries. What might appear to be magical and mystical and more than a little woo does have an actual and meaningful impact on our lives.

One area you might not have considered the Moon having any influence on is your business but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this blog, I want to share with you how using the Moon’s cycles could help you plan for your most successful year yet.

What is a Moon Cycle?

A complete lunar cycle has 8 distinctive phases of the Moon – New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent. The first day of each cycle is with the New Moon and as the Moon grows in size (waxes) over the coming days the energy builds in intensity until peaking with the Full Moon before receding again as the Moon falls in size (wanes) back down to the New Moon.

By being aware of these energies and how to harness them to support our business, we can use them where they can be most useful and influential. I’ve been using Yasmin Boland’s Moonology to help me understand the Moon phases and how to use them for my own business, and here’s a snapshot of what I’ve learned so far.

The New Moon is great for setting intentions

This is the time to be working on your vision board, deciding on your business goals for the year or month ahead and gathering ideas for new projects. As the New Moon is literally a fresh start that happens every lunar cycle (approximately 28 days) you don’t have to just set your goals and business plans in the New Year, you can and should come back to them around this time each month and have a ponder over things while this energy is abundant.

As the moon waxes in size into the Waxing Crescent and that energy grows, write down your intentions, put your vision board on the wall and consider how you’re going to make your goals a reality.

Take action with the First Quarter Moon

The Moon is now halfway visible and so it’s a good time to see yourself as halfway toward achieving your goals already and asking yourself, what action are you going to take now to make progress and realise them? As the Moon grows each day, use that momentum and energy to propel yourself forward in your business too. Now is the time to do the tasks you’ve been putting off for so long that can take your business to the next level (yes, even those really scary networking events or meetings with the bank manager!)

You’ll feel that final burst of momentum with the Waxing Gibbous Moon and you’ll begin to notice things falling into place. This might be onboarding new clients, seeing your new website launched and generally feeling that everything is going to be a success.

The Full Moon is about reaping what we sow

The Full Moon is where the Sun and Moon are on the opposite sides of the earth, and everything is in balance. The circle is complete and now is the time to be reaping the benefits of your goals and intentions. It’s a time to celebrate the successes you’ve had and enjoy these feelings of abundance.  It’s also a time for letting go of what hasn’t worked, any negatives or obstacles that you have met with.  Write them down and burn them, it’s a great way to let them go!

Reflecting on your wins comes a few days later with the Waning Gibbous Moon. By getting introspective, being grateful for what you’ve accomplished and using the Moon’s energies to focus on where you could improve you can come back to your business plan and find ways to improve on it. Now’s a great time to be using Oracle, Angel or Tarot cards for some extra guidance if you’re unsure of what you should be turning your attention to.

Let go with the Last Quarter (Balsamic) Moon

After contemplation, you need to release anything that’s holding you back in your business.  Clear your mind, home (and business premises!) of any clutter and negativity. Use singing bowls, crystals, smudging sticks, incense, wax melts – anything that will help you drive out the negativity lingering around you.

The Waning Crescent Moon Is often when we feel at our lowest mentally and physically, so this is the time to rest and prepare for the fresh start that’s just around the corner with the next New Moon. You can’t use the New Moon’s energies if you’re burned out and exhausted, so self-care is key here, look after yourself, you deserve it!

And that is what a business period with a Moon cycle looks like. Hopefully, you can see how you can go from setting new intentions and gaining momentum at the start of the cycle through to completion and success halfway which is rounded off with release, rest and recovery.

I find it a great way to remind myself that balance is important in business. We can’t be on the go all the time and there have to be times when we can take a step back and enjoy what we’re doing and take a break to ensure we have the strength, good health and insight to make the most of the new cycle ahead.

You’ll be able to see me taking action with the Moon this year

The First Quarter Moon is all about taking action and that’s exactly what I have done from the first new moon of 2022.  Myself and my new business partner launched our new project.  We’d been working on it for a while but wanted to launch when the time was absolutely right!

You can find out all about it here. Do follow our new venture on Facebook or Instagram.  If you love woo-woo, you’ll love it and you never know, we might get to work together soon.  I’m ready for 2022 to be my best year in business yet!