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The clocks have sprung forward now and although the weather is less than spring-like in my area with the recent arctic blast, there is the promise of brighter and warmer days to come in the future.

Just because the days may be getting longer doesn’t mean we should be using that extra time to be doing more work – why waste precious time doing the admin when you could be spending more time with friends, family, walking the dog or taking up a new hobby?

In this blog, I want to talk about how you can spring forward in your business by working more wisely, not just working more hours.

Streamline your business processes

If you’re thinking of doing some spring cleaning in your home, then why not consider doing so in your business too? All too often we can get bogged down with paperwork, tasks, and a never-ending to-do list but you can declutter your workload by streamlining your business processes.

Think about your customer’s journey with you, from finding out about you and what you can offer, to the end of a session or paying of an invoice. What does that journey look like?

They probably emailed you or reached out on social media, you maybe had a discovery call or consultation with them, then you arranged an appointment, class or signed contracts to deliver your service to them before taking payment.

Now think about how you might be able to streamline that journey, some examples include:

  • Having templates for email responses/social media with frequently asked questions and stock responses
  • By creating an FAQ page on your website you can direct people to
  • Setting up a booking app so your customers can book and manage their own appointments (I compared some online booking systems here)
  • Have your terms and conditions, contracts, GDPR policies, etc saved as templates so you can tweak them quickly for new customers
  • Have booking forms hosted on your website or on Google forms to quickly get information, for example, a PAR-Q form, etc
  • Using online accounting software that can create invoices and accept payment

There are many things you can do to streamline your business and get rid of some of that time-consuming clutter as you move forward in the year, so do consider taking a planning day (or half-day) to consider what these might be and how you can implement them.

Release some time in your life by outsourcing to a VA

So, you might be thinking “I’m already rushed off my feet, how am I supposed to find the time to streamline my business by putting new processes in place while dealing with everything else!”.

It’s ok, I hear you. That’s exactly where a Virtual Administrator can help.

By outsourcing the back-office functions, setting up of systems and processes, and even email and diary management; you can release some much-needed time into your life to spend it as you choose.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be scary. As a VA I can assure you that I’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes, both brand new and established, to help their owners save time, energy and resources; and enable them to find that work-life balance they often went self-employed for.

I can help you figure out how to release time in your business and discover the tasks that are good to be outsourced, so you can regain that much-needed clarity and focus to take your business to the next level in 2022.

Does that sound good to you? Drop me a line or fill in my simple contact form to arrange a friendly chat so we can get started.