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It’s inevitable, isn’t it, that when you’re at a social gathering or chatting with mums in the playground while waiting for the kids to come out of school, someone is going to ask you that dreaded question.   ‘So, what do you do for a living?’  Whenever I say that I have my own business and I’m a Virtual Administrator/Business Support Manager, I get a glazed over, vacant look.

So, I thought I’d walk you through a day in my shoes, quite literally.  With a postman husband, 2 girls aged 10 and 8, a 6-year-old rescue dog called Ruby, a corn snake called Honey and a chocolate millipede called Oreo life is hectic but here goes!

The alarm rings dead on 7am every morning, it always seems louder on a Monday morning mind you.  Time to drag the kids out of bed.  Hubby is already up and has made me a strong coffee, the only breakfast I can stomach until at least 10am!  Then the chaotic breakfast debacle ensues, kids being distracted by the TV, shouted at to get their breakfast, all while I’m trying to check my emails.  Finally manage to get them moving, breakfast is done, then it’s the daily fight to get them to brush their teeth.  Am I the only one who regularly says, “Ok well just let them all fall out then, see if I care”?

8.30am and hubby leaves for work, eldest daughter has gone without so much as a bye.  I wrestle the dog into her harness and walk the youngest daughter part way to school.  She’s Ms Independent at 8 years old!  All whilst heaving our reluctant Ruby with me.  She is the laziest dog on the planet!

8.50am and I finally sit at my desk ready for the day ahead.  A quick check of emails to see if there is anything urgent then it’s on to my very long to do list.  For the next 4 hours, I shuffle between writing social media content for one client, booking meeting venues, updating websites, preparing a monthly newsletter and trying to find suitable meeting dates for 20 people all of whom work different hours and different days.

I manage to get a quick 30-minute break from the computer by putting the washing out in between jobs, then it’s back to it.  Well I say 30 minutes, it’s more like 20 because in the middle of it I receive an urgent call from a fellow VA who is swamped with work and needs an urgent job doing.  Can I help?  Before I even realise it a ‘yes’ has come from my lips.  By the end of today?  Sure, no problem.  Why do I do this to myself??  So, I spend the next 2 hours glued to my screen doing mind numbing data entry (which I love by the way).  Before I know it it’s 5 o’clock and the husband’s going to be home at 6 (luckily the girls are picked up by the grandparents today so I can get an extra 2 hours work in).  I haven’t even thought about tea, so have a quick look in the freezer.  Right fish finger sandwiches it is, AGAIN, only the third time this week, I’m sure he’ll love them!

Bolt that down, fill the dishwasher, make tomorrow’s packed lunches.  Kids arrive home and then it’s the getting ready for bed fight!  A task that should take 10 minutes usually takes about an hour so no-ones in bed much before 8-8.30pm.

Should be able to relax by then, right?  Pour a glass of wine and catch up with the hubby on his day?  You think?  Nope, it’s time to network online, schedule some social media content for my own business and think about what blog I can write next, more importantly, write tomorrows to do list.

The life of a VA and business owner is hectic and so varied.  Every day is different one day I’m researching topics for blog writing and social media content the next I could be building a WordPress website.  No two days are ever the same, all my client’s needs are different.  Would I have it any other way?  No, probably not, because the benefits far outweigh any chaos.  I’m my own boss, I answer to nobody, if my girls have Sports Day I can take time out of my day to attempt to win the mothers race!  If one of them is ill, I can juggle things around and be there for them.  I can also choose who I work for, which is why I enjoy working with mumpreneurs and small business owners.  Their life is just as chaotic as mine!  I understand them and I know how I can help them.  So, if you’re a mumpreneur or business owner who needs help with, well you name it and we probably do it.  If we don’t you can bet your life I’ll know someone who can!  So, get in touch today.  Click here to book your free 30-minute discovery call and find out how my team and I can help you.