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Helping You - Helping Your BusinessNow I don’t know about you but Christmas seems to be getting earlier and earlier every year.  The shops start stocking their Christmas wares from Summer or at least it certainly feels that way!  So by the time the day arrives we’ve all had enough of the hype, the endless Christmas music and of course the shopping!

The trouble is that as busy mums and business women, the juggling act we do daily, increases massively at Christmas.  Not only do we still have to make sure our clients are happy as normal but we also need to make sure everyone is fed and watered, that the kids show up for their nativity plays and of course most importantly that Father Christmas has completed his Christmas list shopping and got our little ones everything they’ve asked for.  If we don’t get organised we can find ourselves running around on Christmas Eve, stressed out because we can’t find the gift that all the children want this year.

So, I have to admit I am one of those who starts buying bits and bobs in the January sales!  If I didn’t, things just would not get done.  I’m lucky that I don’t have the joy of cooking Christmas lunch, we always take turns and go to each other’s families for that.  However, that only takes one task off the very long list, it still leaves a lot of organisation and shopping to be done.

So come on ladies, why don’t we share our hints and tips for being organised at Christmas.

I’ll start, I do a little mini savings club with my family members.  Only a small amount each month.  That way the expense of Christmas isn’t quite such a strain.  Start in January at say £30 a month and by October you’ll have £300 towards the big day.

What are your hints and tips for an organised and stress free Christmas?